Can I change the watch strap?
When you purchase a watch from ZAD of Sweden you will receive a free leather strap as well. In our instruction video (click here) you can see how easy it is to change the watch straps. If you wish to purchase additional straps, view our product page where we offer a variety of straps in different colors.
Is my watch waterproof?
All ZAD of Sweden's watches are of waterproofness 5ATM (50 meters), which means that they are so waterproof that they can in no way limit you in your everyday life, at your workplace or during your vacation. The watches are therefore excellent to swim and shower with, given that they do not come into contact with saltwater. Important to note however, is that this does not apply to the leather straps, as their texture gets damaged if they come into direct contact with water.
My leather strap is hard.
When the leather strap is brand new, it is normal that the texture is slightly hard and therefore does not fit properly around your wrist. However, this usually changes after a few days of use. If you still feel that the leather strap has not softened, try wiping it with a damp cloth and then wearing it. This usually causes the leather to soften and shape better on your wrist.
What are the leather straps made of?
All our leather straps are made of high-quality leather from Tuscany in Italy. Since leather is an organic material, the graininess and texture can vary from strap to strap. In addition, during regular use colour changes may occur, but these are natural for leather of high quality.
What are the steel straps made of?
All our steel wristbands are made of stainless steel, making them very durable and thus easy to use in your everyday life.
What sizes are your watches available in?
We offer the watches in sizes 40 mm in diagrams and 34 mm in diagrams.
What type of movement is used for my watch?
The movement that is used is Ronda 583 and is manufactured in Switzerland.