How long does the watch battery last?
The battery life may vary depending on external factors, such as external temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. Batteries are expected to last 2-3 years under normal circumstances.
How do I get my ZAD of Sweden watch repaired?
If you purchased the watch from our site and consider it a warranty issue, please feel free to contact our Customer Support in order for us to help you in the best possible way. Please note that the warranty does not cover:
Defects and damage caused by loss, theft, fire, water or natural disaster
Plating wear if the watch has been frequently exposed to water.
Defects or damage caused by improper use, exposure to salt water or chlorinated water, carelessness (stroke, buckles, crushing damage, broken crystal / glass, etc.) or accidents
Defects or damage caused by unauthorized repair or modification
Aesthetic changes, defects and damage due to normal wear and tear (e.g. minor scratches on bones and/or crystals, watch strap wear and flaking plating, etc.)
Battery and leather wear.
My watch has stopped. What should I do?
Start by replacing the battery. If the watch still does not work properly, please contact our Customer Support in order for us to help you.
What are your terms of service?
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What battery type do you use for your watches?
The battery model we use for our watches is SR626SW.
What is your privacy policy?
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