Does the watch come with a strap?
When you order a watch from ZAD of Sweden, you will receive the dial with respective strap, as well as an additional strap in order to create variation in your everyday life. If you would like to order additional wristbands, you can visit our product page.
Do you store my payment information?
ZAD of Sweden neither stores nor receives your payment information. All transactions and payment information are handled exclusively by our payment providers Stripe and PayPal.
How can I get my product gift-wrapped?
All our products come in gift boxes and are therefore ready to be given away as gifts the minute you receive them. However, if you order additional straps for your watch, those do not come as gifts.
How can I find a nearby store?
Our products are only available for sale in our online shop on our website There, you can easily find all of our products, as well as their information.
How do I know if my  ZAD of Sweden movement is authentic?
To assure that your ZAD of Sweden watch is authentic, it must be purchased directly from our website or from one of our authorized retailers. If you choose to buy the watch from an unauthorized retailer, you run the risk of getting a watch that is fake, second-hand or defective.
Is my payment information secure?
Your transaction and payment information are handled directly by our payment providers Stripe and PayPal, with very secure encryption and following strict bank rules. In addition, your credit card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or downloaded by anyone other than your bank.
Which currency is displayed on the site?
At the top left corner on our homepage, you can choose one of our available currencies.