Customer records

We comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ZAD of Sweden processes personal data with a view to fulfil all obligations imposed on us.

Examples of such obligations are:

- Delivering a purchased product or service (including delivery or contact for delivery)

- Identify the customer and checking the age of the customer

- Managing the customer's payment (including analysing which payment solutions should be offered to the customer, which includes checking the customer's payment history and obtaining credit reports)

- Checking the customer's address against external sources, such as Stripe or PayPal.

- Managing complaint and warranty matters connected to an ordered or purchased product or service


Personal data is also used to communicate with you as a customer. We will inform you about new products and other information that is considered as promoting previous purchases from ZAD of Sweden. The following personal data are processed:


- Name

- Contact details (e.g. address, email, telephone number)

- Payment information (e.g. card number, transaction date, cardholder)

- Personal identity or coordination number

- Payment history

- Credit reports from credit reporting companies

- Order information, such as the item that the customer ordered or if the item is to be delivered to another address


Personal data is processed to promote the company's services and products, for example by:

- Viewing relevant product recommendations, making suggested purchases lists, reminding the customer/member about forgotten/abandoned digital shopping carts or saving shopping lists to simplify future purchases or similar actions that simplify things for the customer

- Sending direct marketing via email, text message, social media or other similar electronic channels for communication as well as mail, including promotional partners to existing customers outside of a loyalty programme


Performing campaigns or sending offers and invitations to events to:

- all customers

- a certain customer segment

- an individual customer


The categories of personal data being processed include:

- Name

- Contact details such as telephone number, email address, residential address

- Age

- Place of residence

- Details of how the customer uses the company's web pages and other digital channels

- Details of completed purchases

- Purchase and user-generated data (e.g. click and visit history)


In order to understand what kind of marketing or direct marketing we will use, we conduct analyses about:

- How customers use the company's web pages and other digital channels (such as which pages or sections of pages the customers visited and what searches customers performed)

- Customer purchase and order history

- Age and place of residence

- Results from customer satisfaction surveys or market research


In order to conduct and manage participation in competitions and events, personal data is processed in order to:

- Communicate with participants in competitions organized by the company

- Communicate with participants before and after an event (e.g. confirmation of notifications, questions or evaluations)

- Identify the participant and check the age of the participant

- Name winners and convey winnings


All of the above data is saved until the customer submits a written request for deregistration. This in the event that ZAD of Sweden is subject to a warranty claim regarding a product sold through