Welcome to the world of Zad of Sweden


How it all started.


Our search for the perfect watch started in the hopes of finding a true piece of art, but came to no avail as we realised that it did not yet exist. Our vision was of a timepiece which intercrossed graceful elegance with outstanding artistry. 

Our founder set himself on this journey in 2016. He travelled around the globe, examining countless components and spending hours on end meeting with the best watchmakers in the world.


His odyssey has been lengthy, but finally resulted in his vision coming to life. The first Zad of Sweden watch, which incorporated state-of-the-art craftsmanship and groundbreaking individuality was delightfully achieved. 

The founder concluded that this was the perfect watch.


“A proud artist marks his name on his crafts, I put my name on mine.” 

-Kevin Zad, Founder of Zad of Sweden.


We would not have made it to where we are today if we did not have a unique sense for what distinguishes high-quality accessories, especially watches.⁠


All ZAD of Sweden accessories are handmade exclusively with European components and manufactured with great care and precision. The watches have shredded sapphire glass to give those fine details what makes them unique. All of our watches are waterproof to a depth of fifty metres, so that they can accompany you in your everyday life, at your workplace or even when you are on holiday.⁠

With an unrivalled and in-demand Swiss movement coupled with incomparable Italian leather, ZAD of Sweden has created elegant, timeless, and durable watches indeed. Above all, they are unique in their kind. 

Welcome to Zad of Sweden.


Let´s write timeless history together.